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Attacco della destra allo Stato Maggiore dell'IDF e allo Shin Bet : giocano nelle mani dei nostri nemici"


יעלון תוקף את ההתבטאות של יו"ר הקואליציה

Il capo della coalizione di destra alla Kenesset, che sostiene Netanyahu, attacca duramente lo Stato Maggiore dell'IDF e i capi dei servizi di sicurezza di Israele: "Sono dei sinistri dannosi al Paese e  giocano nelle mani dei nostri nemici".
Risponde Yaalon ex Ministro della Difesa : "E' ora di fermare questi attacchi irreseponsabili ai capi dell'esercito e dei servizi di sicurezza, orchestrati per demolire ogni opposizione a questo governo" (Mako, Walla).


David Bitan accused the security services of changing their leaders' political inclinations; he also attacked Ya'alon and Barak and addressed the possibility of the Zionist Union joining the coalition.
Coalition Chairman MK David Bitan (Likud) said on Saturday, "There's a problem with the positions of the heads of the Mossad and the Shin Bet. Somethere there is making them leftists." Bitan was speaking at a Saturday cultural event in Be'er Sheva.

He continued, "Something happens to you over the years when you're in that position. I believe that this is a development that happened as part of their job."

Bitan also spoke of the former Mossad chief, the late Meir Dagan. The coalition chairman claimed that Dagan came to him at a Likud branch office in Rishon LeZion and asked to run for Knesset before he was appointed to head the Mossad. "Dagan was a fundamentalist right-winger after he entered the Mossad, and he came out of the organization the opposite… Everybody's a leftist there except for Avi Dichter."
David Bitan (Photo: Knesset Spokesman)
David Bitan (Photo: Knesset Spokesman)

Bitan also chose to attack his former friend in the party, the former minister of defense, Moshe Ya'alon: "His main problem was he was the ultimate IDF chief of staff. We don't need a defense minister that serves the army instead of serving the political system. There's a problem with chiefs of staff that become defense ministers. They think that it's their job for their whole lives."
Not mincing words, Bitan next attacked the criticism of another former chief of staff who became the defense minister, Ehud Barak, on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "Barak was the most political chief of staff. Only Moshe Dayan was more so than he. He was a failure as prime minister. He lives in New York, and every now and then he comes to Israel to brag."
The coalition chairman did not rule out the possibility that Ya'alon's replacement, Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beytenu), would return to the Likud party. Bitan claimed that MK Orly Levy-Abekasis's resignation from Yisrael Beytenu was planned because of her desire to run for the leadership of the Histadrut.

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