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Hillel Rabin, “Rifiutare di prestare servizio nell’esercito è il mio piccolo atto per il cambiamento”

  Israele opposizione civile e democratica INVICTAPALESTINA.ORG "Rifiutare di prestare servizio nell'esercito è il mio piccolo atto per il cambiamento" - Invictapalestina H illel Rabin ha trascorso 56 giorni in una prigione militare per essersi rifiutata di prestare servizio nell’IDF. Ora racconta di  quei giorni. Fonte:  English Version Oren Ziv – 27 novembre 2020 Immagine di copertina: l’obiettrice di coscienza israeliana Hallel Rabin, Kibbutz Harduf, Israele. (Oren Ziv) Quando due settimane fa Hallel Rabin  si presentò davanti al Comitato degli obiettori di coscienza dell’IDF, l’organismo militare che doveva decidere se  rimandarla o meno in prigione per essersi rifiutata di prestare servizio nell’esercito,  si sentì porre una strana domanda: ” Indosserebbe l’uniforme dell’esercito se fosse rosa? ” “Non ho problemi con il colore”, ha risposto, “Ho problemi a indossare un’uniforme dell’esercito, indipendentemente dall’esercito”. Obiettrice di coscienza, Rabin era in una

When 'Aliens' Show Up at a West Bank Construction Site

Articolo qui  Amira Hass   The Israel Defense Forces asks that we acknowledge its weakness in the face of anonymous Israelis who attack Palestinians and sabotage their property. This plea was heard Wednesday in one of the church-like courtrooms of the Supreme Court. The person who asked the honorable justices to display understanding for the limitations of the  IDF , as well as the Shin Bet security service, the Civil Administration and the Israel Police, was none other than the commander of the Binyamin Regional Brigade, Col. Yonatan Steinberg. He implied that these organizations are unable to get their hands on an anonymous squad that regularly launches attacks in the same place. It’s not that we don’t want to do that, on the contrary, we’re having difficulties, said Steinberg – tall, uniformed, a black  kippa  on his head. According to Google he is a resident of Kibbutz Shomria in the south, home to settlers who were  evacuated from Atzmona  in the Gaza Strip. The representative of

Amira Hass : Since 2016, Israel Amassed 69 Palestinian Bodies as Bargaining Chips

Articolo qui    Since April 2016, Israel has added 69 more bodies of Palestinians to those it refuses to return for burial to their families, which it is holding for purposes of bargaining or deterrence. Among the bodies are those of seven men who died of illness during incarceration over the past four years, including one detainee who had not even been tried. The total number of bodies held by Israel is unknown but estimates are as high as a few hundred. Israel returned about 400 bodies between 1991 and 2008 as part of various exchange deals with the  Palestinians  and with  Hezbollah . Since January 2020, Israeli authorities have added 18 more Palestinian bodies to the total already being held. Just this month, three additional bodies were added to the list: Noor Shquir from Silwan, who was suspected of perpetrating a vehicle-ramming attack at the A-Zaim checkpoint last week and was shot by a Border Police officer; Bilal Rawajba, from the village of Iraq al-Taya, east of Nablus, a le