mercoledì 22 giugno 2016

15 anni, tornava dalla piscina con gli amici. Ucciso per errore dall'esercito israeliano

Nessuno ne parla. Un nome, un sorriso ,una vita spezzata  

  2  B'Tselem בצלם

This is Mahmoud Badran (first on the right), with his cousins, just hours before he was killed and they were injured by unjustified, deadly Israeli military fire.
Late night on Tuesday, 21 June 2016, Israeli soldiers fired at a car carrying six teenagers and a young man who were making their way back from a night out at a waterpark. Badran was killed. Four of his friends were injured. The military initially announced the soldiers had “targeted terrorists who were throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at Israeli cars on Road 443”, but later changed its version and stated the boy had been “mistakenly” killed.
This massive shooting on a car with seven innocent passengers is a direct result of Israeli military policy which enables, despite the official prohibition in the open-fire regulations, to use deadly fire even in cases where there is no threat to life and even when the soldiers have other means at their disposal.
This policy is backed by the most senior ranking military and government officials who do nothing do change it, despite the lethal results.
Read more:…/20160622_killing_of_mahmoud_badran

   3  Mahmoud , 15 anni, ucciso per errore dall'occupazione

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