Video : Facebook rimuove il video del bacio tra una ebrea israeliana e un arabo israeliano

 A video posted by TimeOut Tel Aviv of Jewish and Arab Israelis kissing has disappeared from Facebook, only hours after it went up in what was a response to the Education Ministry's decision to disqualify a book about a Jewish-Arab love affair.

The video was likely removed due to user complaints and the magazine is now trying to reach out to Facebook to repost the video. Facebook has yet to response to the report.

In wake of public storm caused by the ministry's decision to not include Borderlife by Dorit Rabinyan in the high school literary studies' curriculum, TimeOut decided to produce a video of Israeli Arabs and Jews kissing one another. Most of the participants are not partners in real life and met for the first time before the camera.

However, the video has in the meantime been removed from Facebook, presumably after users reported it as a violation of the social network's community standards, leading to its automatic removal from the site.

When asked how it felt to kiss a stranger not of their own race and religion, one participant in the video replies at the end of the video, "less strange than the [Arab-Israeli] conflict."

Nati Toker

Haaretz Contributo
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Facebook has yet to respond after user complaints prompt removal of video.