btselem: una terza generazione di Palestinesi vive sotto occupazione

B'selem בצלם

A third generation has been born into the occupation by now. A third generation of children who know only the reality of daily human rights violations. It’s hard to find hope when the occupation infiltrates every aspect of your life; it’s hard to grow up when you don’t feel safe even in your own home, with soldiers waking you in the dead of night; it’s hard to feel free when soldiers and police officers detain you on your way to school; it’s hard to breathe when you live, whether as child or adult, with your most basic rights as a person denied – the right to freedom and to dignity.
While Israeli authorities and their various emissaries are doing everything in their power to silence dissent over the occupation’s chokehold on Palestinians, we are here to ensure that you know what is being done in the occupied territories and to work towards a better reality.
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*All the footage was filmed by our Camera Project volunteers in 2015.