Gideon Levy : What Abbas should have said:

I've just discovered that Haaretz posted an English translation just before I posted this, apologies for misleading anyone.
Gideon Levy

28 September 2014
And this is what Mahmoud Abbas should have told the UN:
"I stand here in front of you, at the end of another unavoidable defensive war by Israel, a small and weak country struggling for its survival. I stand here to express our gratitude and thanks. We thank the Israeli David who, once again, was able to get the better of the Palestinian Goliath. Our thanks to Israel paltry military for defeating the armies of the Palestinians; we applaud it for that. Thanks to the most moral army in the world, which once again proved its ethical superiority. Thank for the "knock on the roof" procedure, thanks to the application of the Hannibal procedure in Rafah, thanks for Shuja'iyya, thanks for the hundreds of children, women and men killed, most of whom innocent civilians, all of whom were worthy of death. Thank you for having killed only 2,200 people and not 22,000. Thank you for bombing some of UNRWA's schools and not all of them. Thank for bringing down only some of the city's towers and keeping a few more for the next war. Thanks for the bombing of the power station and the only sweets factory in Gaza. It was vital to your security. Thanks for that on behalf of all the children of Palestine. Special thanks in the name of the Dhaalu family for leaving it one still-living cousin; Thank you for your consideration and sensitivity.
"Thank you on behalf of the 110,000 residents who have been left homeless, thank you on behalf of those whose home you’ve destroyed for the first time, and not the second or third. Thank you on behalf of the 1000 children whom you’ve crippled for life, the 1500 orphans and the 360,000 mentally traumatised victims of the war who are in no condition to thank you at the moment so I speak on their behalf. And generally, thanks for this war, which in history’s entire annals there has never been a more moral and just war.
"Thank you for the Israeli government’s peace efforts, and especially those of its head. We thank him for having promised two-states. Thanks for unbridled continuation of settlement building, thanks for the land robberies. A special thanks to the 400 hectares that you stole at the Etzion Bloc, Gush Etzion deserves it. Thanks for the home demolition.  Thank you for the attempted ethnic cleansing in the Jordan Valley and South Hebron Hills. A special thanks to the Hebron settlers, for their very existence. Thank you for the Separation Barrier, the siege, and the cruel dismembering of Gaza from the West Bank. Thank you for the continued brutal shooting of fisherfolk in the sea off Gaza, which of course, cannot be considered a breach of the ceasefire. Thank the night-time arrests, thanks also to the daytime arrests. A special thanks on behalf of thousands of prisoners, some of them political prisoners, for whom Israel has built toilet blocks in the jails. Heartfelt thanks on behalf of hundreds of child prisoners. Thanks for the humiliation at the checkpoints, in fact, thanks for the checkpoints. Thanks the justice meted out by military judges, the compassion of the Occupation’s officials and the humanity of the Shabak investigators. Without them, we would not be where we are.
"Thank you for being so certain that you are the chosen people, so it’s permissible for you, of course, to do anything. Thank you for you never seeing the Palestinians as fellow human beings like you. Thank you for continuously thumbing your nose at international law. A belated thank you for the Nakba, for expelling and keeping out 650 thousand people. Thanks for wiping out more than 400 villages from the face of the earth. Thanks for leaving no trace of them, not a marker or monument. Thanks for not permitting any of their residents to return home and never contemplating compensating them. Thank you for not taking responsibility for what you did, nor expressing sorrow or apologising for them. A special (final) thanks that for you 1948 never ended and, and you maintain the same policy of dispossession, destruction and death, to this very day. Thank you for bringing us to this point."
Oops, Abbas never said this; instead, he told the truth. When he said that the Palestinians lost their good land" the TV commentator explained that it was “a sharp incitement speech". The entire national choir, from the Labour Party onwards, along with backing vocals from the United States, commenced shrieking their condemnation and outrage. And really, how dare did he, Abbas, the ungrateful fellow that he is.

Translated by Sol Salbe of the Middle East News Service, Melbourne, Australia  [SCT225]

Hebrew original:


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