Mashaal : d'accordo sulla soluzione dei due Stati

  Report: Mashaal agreed to 2-state solution
Jordanian sources claim King Abdullah II set to inform US President Obama of Hamas' willingness to accept two-state solution
Elior Levy
Hamas Politburo chief Khaled Mashaal has asked Jordan's King Abdullah II to inform US President Barack Obama that Hamas accepts the principle of a two-state solution, Saudi Arabia's al-Sharq newspaper reported. According to the report, which quoted Jordanian sources, Mashaal expressed willingness to stand behind a solution that will see a Palestinian state being established on the 1967 borders during a meeting with the king on Monday.
King Abdullah is scheduled to visit Washington in late February and convey the message to Obama, according to the report.

The sources added that Mashaal and King Abdullah had discussed the two-state solution during their previous meeting several months ago but that the Hamas leader had only agreed to convey his position to the US this week.

עבדאללה ומשעל, השבוע בעמאן (צילום: EPA)
Mashaal and King Abdullah II in Amman (Photo: EPA)

Mashaal said that the meeting had dealt with the Palestinian issue in the wake of the elections in Israel and the US. He noted that he also discussed reconciliation between the Palestinian factions with the Jordanian king.

Jordan's king noted that he held a series of meetings in an effort to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

He stressed that the parties tried to establish a clear timetable for a two-state solution which he said was "the only way to obtain security and stability in the Middle East."


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